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More Than 3,000 Privately Sourced Loans

One of the Largest Networks of Hard Money Lenders, Since 2003.

As one of the top sources for private lenders, we submit your loan request to hundreds of private lenders nationwide, to find you the absolutely best terms. We forward the three best offers within 72 hours, all with no commitment.

Since 2003 we’ve connected more than 3,000 real estate investment projects with privately funded / hard money loans. Our network of investors offer unconventional loan solutions that focus on real estate-secured loans held for a business or investment purpose — primarily fix & flip, rehab and new construction projects.

Qualifying for these types of hard money loans is almost always based on the property’s current value and what its potential value will be upon plan completion. This eliminates the need for submitting stated income or tax returns making the approval and funding process quick.


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